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About SCWA

Our goal: the enjoyment of the breed for all its purposes


The Southern California Whippet Association was formed in 1963 by a dedicated group of individuals focused on the vision of the versatile Whippet - a sporting dog of the highest caliber, that maintains the demeanor of the most charming, intelligent and dedicated pet you will ever own. Southern California Whippet Association members feel that a Whippet is a consummate showman, the ultimate race dog, an extraordinary hunter, and the ultimate companion.


In the 50 years that the club has been in existence, we were the first independent Whippet breed club in the country to hold independent specialty breed shows. We regularly sponsor open field hunts, oval and straight track meets and practices, lure coursing events, and a yearly specialty match. We also have members dedicated to re-homing unwanted Whippets through rescue.


SCWA By-Laws